The white cat that appears in the third act of the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. The cat says "Women now aren't cats but leopards." and transfroms into a leopardess. My friend Shuji designed a leotard expressing that scene. He is a model for the magazines like Men's Non-No and Popeye and he's also studying at a career college to become a fashion designer.

Sena was the model this day. "Sena, You don't need to transform yourself into a leopard because you're already one" says Shuji. She is 21 years old, with a slender body and bewitching aura. Shuji, 20 years old, loves the Rococo culture of fin de siecle. These two are best friends and they have promised to have a bogus marriage.

They really reminds me of Marc and Amanda from Ugly Betty....

all of photographs are taken by Emi Kusano


Tokyo Sweets Factory 3rd Year Anniversary "SWEETS WONDERLAND"July 6th/2010 (tues) @ Studio Depp

A party girl Mai invited me to her party.
The sweets shop carried on by Transit General Office which is famous for Okuzawa rolls and cap cakes from the cereblity warrant brand "Notting Hill Cakes&Gifts". I went to the 3 years anivasary party of TOKYO SWEETS FACTORY. It was held at the all white open space called Studio Depp in Harajuku which is used for shooting for fashion magazines. I had a such very very sweet time...

She is Peli the stylist of Nylon Japan and also a DJ. I met her for the first time in 9 month since I went to shooting with Nicky Hilton. Her selection of music numbers are awesome. Sometimes it's 80's pop and sometimes 50's rockabilly tunes.
Her latest great success was that she did styling for the Japanese fashion booth in The Shanghai Expo. Isn't she cool?

oh dear. HOW CUTE....!!!!

There was the booth which we can decorate cupcakes and cookies.

My friend Hina. Today she came with me to build up a network contacts in the fashion industry. ;)

She is Alice. She's my favorite Italian girl who goes to Waseda University. This party‘s concept was the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Good running into you Alice!

I drew bunny on my cookie! It was incredibly difficult! :)

Free ice-creams...free cakes...free cookis and free macaroon! We were ecstatically happy.

Famous photographer YONE'S Wife and Mai.

LovelyMisha Janetteand her friends.
She features the latest issue of So-en Magazine. They introduces all her coordinates that she has worn at the Tokyo fashion week. She always dresses up so fabulous!

Just a little advertisement!

Mai promotes drinks "glacéau vitamine water™".
The new flavor just came out in Japan last month. It's called XXX(tripe X). It's contained fruirts essences of blueberries, pomegranates,and asais. It's very rich in rich in polyphenol. So good for ladies!

It was so good!

Please try it!

"Kashikoi Tenkogaisha"?

A handsome Taiwanese tourist. The Japanese logo caught my attention.
Apparently, it is one of the popular brands in America...
But what is a "Kashikoi Tenkogaisha"?
I don't understand it even if I translate it...

"Kashikoi" = Serious?
What kind of company is a Tenkogaisha? (Weather company)

I just remembered that Super Dry T-shirts were popular in England.
Hey, there's "Super Dry" on his T-shirt too!!
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